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About Browe Construction Company, Inc.


BROWE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INCis a licensed general contractor with heavy highway licensing, specializing in the areas of site concrete including sidewalks, curb and gutter, utilities adjustments and road repair projects. We are a firm with a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship, and excellence in management.

BROWE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. was formed by Wesley Brown and Charles Howe as a corporation in April, 1988. In 1988 a combination of activities involving sidewalk demolition and installation, curb and gutter installation, and general construction. In 1993, Wesley and Jillane Brown bought out Charles Howe's interest in the company and Jillane Brown became 51% owner. With this buyout, Browe Construction Company, Inc. became a woman owned business. Browe Construction Company, Inc. is also in the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program and Disadvantage Business Program (DBP) as a woman owned business with the NC Department of Transportation, City of Raleigh, and City of Fayetteville. Recently, we received our bidding qualifications with the federal government and are currently applying with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to be recognized as a Small Business Enterprise.

Sam Gore, Estimator, was brought on board in 1995 and since then sales have more than tripled.

The company address is 5423 Hwy. 70 Bus. Clayton, NC 27520. Its activities fall under the Standard Industrial Classification SIC 2373 and 2381. The owners are Jillane Brown (President) and Wesley Brown (Vice-President).

BROWE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. is involved in four distinct activities:

1.   Road Maintenance Contracts

2.   Site Construction Contracts

3.   Utility Adjustments

4.   Lane Widening and Turn Lanes

Eighty to ninety percent of the Gross Sales are in road maintenance and utility adjustments. As of November 2009 the are 26 permanent employees on the payroll and we utilize many small specialized subcontractors.

The company's long term objectives are: to maintain the level of current business achieved up to 2009, and then to move into more construction management, especially with the Federal/Military base projects.

The prospects for
BROWE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. continued growth are excellent.

The company's overall objective is to satisfy that market segment that demands integrity and quality construction, and to maintain a steady growth in sales volume that will sustain the company for twenty years.
BROWE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. has enhanced its reputation to the point where the company is regarded by many municipalities and contractors as the recommended choice for their clients, due to the excellence of its quality of work and management.

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Browe Construction Company, Inc. 5423 Hwy. 70 Bus. W. Clayton, NC 27520-6303

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